Dear Dealers,

Please refer ‘DMS Installation & Settings’ on the link given below for better understanding and usage.

                                                   DMS Installation & Settings (Please click here)

DMS Minimum Requirements:



In case of installation problem only - For Windows 7

Internet Explorer 9.0

Download jvm.dll

[click here to download]



 a. Avoid installing java games / any software that conflicts with DMS installation
 b. Refer to installation guide for installation problems.


Note: 1. Force Motors Ltd DMS application will not work on any other third party browser such as Opera,             Mozilla, Google chrome etc.

         2. Insurance Details of vehicles being sold are mandatory w.e.f. 01 Jan 2012 for generating

               Delivery Note of the same.

* For Printing / Saving Report On your machine
                      1) Run the Report
                      2) Go to 'File'.
                      3) Click on 'Save As' and save with required name.

        For any queries related to DMS please contact
Contact Person Mobile Extension E Mail ID
Mr.Supratim Sinha Biswas 8888832968 4693
Mr.Yugal Kishore Sharma 8805027336 4294
Mr.Avdut Bhaskar Pawar 8805006220 4243


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